When I’m on Manic Phase

A lot of people who (recently) learned about Bipolar asked me, what is it like to be a person with bipolar disorder and how do i feel when i’m on Manic Phase?

Well..me, i feel like i had a lot of new idea and a fresh fighting spirit (not like i’m ready to die, today.. but more like, i can go crazy whenever i like and i don’t care for what reason i do something) You got me, right?

Believe me, you’ll be very productive. What ever you do, you’ll not be bored.
You’ll never feel boring, until you realize you’re not sleepy at all, and later it can be trouble.
And that is when this become problem.

Other than that, actually, i believe this is the positive side of bipolar disorder. But not every kind of this hype is sign of bipolar. It could be because you’re hyperactive. That’s all.

Don’t just read some article on internet (not even mine), and think you suffer that disease.
Please go to doctor or any other professional help before miss-judge yourself.
you know why every disease had at least 3 or more symptoms?
it should be like that so if you had 1 or 2 symptoms, it doesn’t mean you’re suffer that disease.
you need to know all the symptoms,  you have to know a lot more about the disease.. learn all about it until you know, you’re not afraid anymore.

People tends to feel afraid when they know nothing.
And it can be worst when you read crap-things on internet, rather than finding the right medicine, it could be worse when internet lead you to a page that explain that you had cancer. LOL

Will continue later.. 😀


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