Religion’s matter

I really am feel sorry about something i’ve heard today.

You know there was a time when parents ask their children, “why you don’t go to the church?” or “Have you done Maghrib pray?” or else.
Idk about other parents did, but i do know that my mom, and dad, as long as i can remember about them, they never ask me about why i never do such things.
They never pushed me to believe what they believe.
They taught me about religion. What’s right or wrong.
What is bad things and good things. For both the Creator of Life and human kind.
But in the same time, they never asked me to believe a religion because my parent’s believe it. Their goal maybe to make me believe what they believe because i want to.
They let me learning, and find out my own belief, so i will stick to it for the rest of my life.

That’s fair for me.

As maybe some of you know, that i lived with 2 of my friends in the house.
One of them is Christian, and the other was Moslems.
They sometimes discussing about their own religion, and asked me about my opinion.

Both religions is good. You know that’s true.

And I know it myself because I’ve learned both of them and many others.

I know most people will said that i’m a bad person for being an agnostic. And shouldn’t talk much about religion.
But, i can make sure that i never hate any people and judge others because of their belief. I love diversity and live peacefully with it.
I love my friends no matter how hard for me to accept their habit/culture.
It’s all theirs and i have mine. So i don’t really need to worry about that, not even a bit.

Have you ever curious why there’s only Islam and Christian which is often reported to be involved in violence or war with each other?
Buddha, Hindu, and any other religion and belief is just minority and way too peace with their own life.
So, it’s back to the personal problems of each religious adherent.
I never hate the religion it self.

I hate to be in Indonesia in such a time..



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3 responses to “Religion’s matter

  • Luna

    I think there are extremists in every religion. Perhaps it is not as widely reported. Buddhist extremists in Myanmar have done their fair share of damage too.
    But at the end of the day, no God teaches us to kill or harm others.
    I don’t think it is wrong to be agnostic, but being from deeply religious countries in Southeast Asia, this might be taboo among the older generation or conservatives. As long as we know what is right or wrong, we shouldn’t let what others say affect who we are or how we treat people.
    Here’s a good quote about ‘why God created Atheists’ :

    Anyway, great and thoughtful post!

    • BrokenInfinity8

      But at the end of the day, no God teaches us to kill or harm others.

      This is the most important thing that i always believe. 🙂
      And ya.. it’s nice to know that some people still kind and being respectful to each other.

      thanks for the link btw.. i’ll dig it in very soon.

      Regards, K

  • Shasa

    Yes, it’s important to divide what’s right or wrong above what’s religion said. So, humanity still can be saved. Right..?

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