Bipolar Disorder – First Aid

Idk.. some people ask me what is the first aid when you found a person with bipolar. Or… what if, you’re the one who is having bipolar disorder.

Honestly, i don’t think there’s such a first aid for a person with bipolar.
It’s not like when you first know that you had cancer.
It’s nothing like that. So, it’s not a common terms for people search first aid for helping or being a person with bipolar.

The only thing you need to do when you know about you having a bipolar disorder is calm down.
Calm your self. It’s not like you’re dying or something like that. The world won’t end.
It’s just you are about to having a little mixed up taste between heaven and hell. LOL 😀

Another step after you calming your self, learn about Bipolar Disorder. The more you know, the more easy for you to calming yourself.
Search anything about it; symptoms, bipolar phase, how to give yourself a little therapy, how to socialize, etc.
Being a person with bipolar is yet a fun things to happen in your life. Not only about suicide, it can help you knowing yourself more and more. Because deep down in every person’s heart, they want to be acknowledge and to be understood. You must make your own plus point for being a person with bipolar, such as… you can make your life a little more colorful than an ordinary person.

Because it’s both gift and curse, next step after you learn about bipolar disorder, you need to ask professional help, from the doctor, psychiatrist, a counselor group of mental disorder, etc.
Because it’ll feel much better if you walk on the same path with someone else. Being alone will only lead you to depressive feeling.

After all those 3 steps, you only need to be more open to your self.
And if it’s hard to found just a random person to understand you, try to join community or counseling group.


Help yourself before you help other people.. and remember to help people after you help yourself……!


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