I Miss You

I can’t sleep.. I just stumbled upon the night sky and feel sad. Idk why I feel worried, sad, unhappy, uneasy at the same time. The last time I feel this was really long time ago. And now I’m feeling bad for remember such a thing. 

I’m really suck at having a relationship with someone. As I know I can only feel one-sided love to anyone. I love her but didn’t want to hurt her too. So I just leave it like that. she will be better with someone else instead of me. That’s what I always believe. 

Wake up in the middle of the night just because you remember how she always laughed. And missing her without knowing what to do next, is hurting both my mind and my feeling. No, I will never text her (I don’t have her number), visit her ( I don’t know where is she), email her (like if she care and open it).. i can only send an anonymous post like this and hoping she’ll notice, one day. Not now definitely. But one day.. 

Rain still pouring since the last time I awake. And this soft mist on the balcony really feel like a drugs that reminds me of her. The touch of her soft lips. The smile that always greeted me. And those eyes. Yes, those fvckin brilliant eyes that always shining like a star in the depth of the night. 

Oh why should I miss you tonight? 


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