I do Love Coffee

“Do you love coffee…?”

“Yes. I do love coffee.”

A very short conversation between me and a new friend.
She is lovely and well (honestly), I never thought she’ll be able to find me. It’s very surprising that she could do that.
But here i am.

After that small talk, we literally stop talking and just drink our coffee in silent mode.
She is not very talkative, and so do I. And it really comforting but also weird because it’s a very different situation than my previous experience.
Woman never stop speaking and it almost scares me all the time. But she is different.
She’ll wait until the very end of time, and she open her mouth just to ask me about side menu.
yeah.. it’s also weird. But i feel like, “it’s okay.”
So i stay.

It’s like you’re alone with someone besides you, but it’s fine.
I’m afraid i can’t explain it very well, but that’s what i thought about her.

Because of what happen today, i agree to meet her again next time.

idk when is the “next time”, but i would love to meet her again. It seems that we both are careless about the time, place or other things, so it will be okay. I think. 😛

This place is my safe place and maybe she know.
I can’t smell the perfume that she wears because the aroma of roasted coffee beans and other people’s conversation is covering the silence between us. It’s nice that i can see her eyes blinking in slow-mo and she caught me doing so, and we both are just smile and continuing sipping our coffee.
well.. ya. I do love coffee.



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