Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to you..
(It’s a bit late but, ya.. you know me)

I knew world is going crazy lately. I hope you can beat it and stand up again.
I’m sorry because i can’t help you.
I’m sorry because i can’t be there for you.
But i know. I know you’ve tried all the best for your sake.
I know you want to be happy.
but.. i’m sorry because i can not do anything.

Eh.. and i know you’re trying to kill yourself (again).
I just want to say, killing yourself won’t stop the life become too hard for anyone else..
And if you’re trying to help yourself right now,
maybe it can help everyone else.
Fight your depression, i know you can do better than this.
You’re stronger than you know.
Believe me, because i believe you.

Life can be so hard, we know that.
But don’t forget to breathe. It could help to ease your pain.

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