End of March (17)

We’re already at the end of March 2017.
It was surprisingly fast. LOL

Idk if I’m in depression mode or not because everything seems blurry right now and i hate it.
The only thing i can remember is to do that practice in the morning and go to the office, say hi, and now i’m stuck with my laptop, replying email and to do some stuffs, and i’ll go home early today.

I feel like time is killing me slowly.
And now i have to face the truth that somehow life is easier when you choose to don’t care.

My fvcking mind is torturing me and i can do nothing about it.

Why can’t life become much easier after i woke up this morning?
Why no one can understand how fvcking hard is my life for being such a loser like i am now?
Why can’t i be somebody else that having lesser pain, maybe i could just kill my self and be in peace right now.

Just why?

I know people would say, everybody sure has their own problem so try to find any fvcking way out for your damn self.
Haters will always hate you. And nobody loves you. Everyone secretly hates you. All the time.
have you ever think about it?



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