Blue Whale Challenge >> Pink Whale Challenge

I bet everyone already knows about the “Blue Whale Challenge”.

Well, i actually know it from a friend of mine that fortunately have been mentioned on this blog before.
Her name is Sascha and she is on London right now.
Btw, after we’ve spend our time together on Bali like a couple months ago, we still talk to each other through email.

She told me a story about the Blue Whale Challenge and apparently it is very popular in Russia.

The challenge is including several task that you must do and no one must know about it. You need to send the curator (admin of that challenge) a picture after you finish every tasks. And at the end of the game, you’ll die. (that’s what everyone said).
They said, once you start the game, there’s no way you can stop.
It’ll end with you die.
I know it sounds scary.
But you need to know, when you’re on depressed state of mind, you’ll find it easy to interact with people who already deal with it too.
Suicide is just an easy choice.
But, let’s not start further information about blue whale challenge.
I find other thing that sweeter than blue whale challenge. It called Pink Whale Challenge.
You can find it on…
I just join and my challenge is about to start first thing tomorrow.
I can’t wait… 😀
This is where you should start if you want to join the Pink Whale Challenge.
You only need to enter your email and wait for the challenge.

You’ll get a confirmation email after you subscribe your email to Pink Whale Challenge.
It should look like this.
I hope people forget about Blue Whale and instead having fun with this Pink Whale.
I’ll keep update my Pink Whale Challenge ASAP. 🙂
So, let’s fight depression together!

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