Pink Whale Challenge : Daily Task 1

So.. as i promise after joining the challenge, here is the update of Pink Whale Challenge : daily task 1.

Pink Whale Challenge – Task 1


Task number 1: Write down five things you like about yourself.

Well, it said that i don’t need to send any proof or keep this as a secret, but I decided to put this online on my blog so I can share the fun!

So here it is… five things I like about myself.

  1. I can sleep wherever I am.
  2. I can cook. I can make sure I won’t die starving. LOL.
  3. My hair is definitely a mess but it is look great anyway. Only need to keep it short.
  4. I’m pretty good handling my emotion (recently).
  5. I can actually help other people like me, and that’s a true gift.

Well, those are 5 things that I like about myself.

No. 4 & 5 is my biggest achievement so far. Because being a person with bipolar means you need to control your emotions, your mood swing. Being in control sometimes ease me from such a pain that i can’t explain but.. there are other happy time even with it. So I can tell you it is not that bad. You only need to know about yourself to so you can improve and be a better you.

And that’s it for today’s update. I’ll update the next task tomorrow.

Don’t forget, if you want to join, have some fun and of course to spread happiness, then you can join on 😀


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