Pink Whale Challenge : Daily Task 2


It’s day 2 of my Pink Whale Challenge.
And here’s the task.

Task number 2: Buy yourself your favorite treat or snack. 

also, it said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this a secret> so, this is my favorite treat. 😀

It sure taste sweet and sour. But I kinda like it.

i don’t like sweet things on daily basis but, when you feel stress-desperate-depression, sweet things can make you a little bit happy.
It helps your feeling to get better, faster.

If you had a problem or depressed, it’s better for you to talk to someone else. Don’t draw yourself from your family or friends. 
and IF YOU HAD A PROBLEM WITH YOUR FAMILY you need to seek for help on community or someone that really care about you.
Sometimes stranger can give you even more sincere attention.

I’m open for discussion. I’m not an expert for anything, but i’d love to talk and help people like me.
I can’t promise to meet people in person, but i’m here like 24/7, so.. feel free to email me. 🙂

And that’s it for today’s update. I’ll update the next task tomorrow.

Don’t forget, if you want to join, have some fun and of course to spread happiness, then you can join on 😀


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