Pink Whale Challenge : Daily Task 3

I’m so sorry because I need to do something yesterday, I’m failed to post the third task.

But here it is..

Task number 3: Write down three things you’re really looking forward to. 

Don’t forget it also said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this a secret>, so I’m actually having some things that i really want to do immediately.
And those things are:

  1. Get the citizenship from “that” country.
  2. Going on vacation (free from any kind of job) for at least a week.
  3. Eat Big Mac today. 😛

I think the easiest one is no. 3
I can do it this evening after work. LOL (maybe i’ll post it later today).

That’s it for the 3rd task. I’ll post the 4th task today too. So, please wait for it.

Don’t forget, if you want to join, have some fun and of course to spread happiness, then you can join on 😀


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