Pink Whale Challenge : Daily Task 5 & 6

Yesterday I’ve had enough with my blog so, i decided to update task no. 5 today along with task no. 6
The reason is also because the task no. 5 deals with contacting an old friend who is rarely contacted for a chat (as seen as the screen capture below).


Task number 5: Call a friend that you don’t usually call for a chat.

And don’t forget it also said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this as a secret>, but I already talk to a friend yesterday, so I just need to report it here. LOL. Nothing too private, so i can still share to you.

He is an old friend btw. He is now live in Belgium. He was moved there like 9-10 years ago. And I rarely get in touch with him except when there are certain events that unintentionally bring us together.
We chatted for about half an hour. And then he said he was going to go to work, so ya, it was finished there.
I’m not intended to ask him about anything personal but he told me about marrying someone perfect for him, having a child, etc.
He said they even want to adopt one more child.
It’s great to know that he’s having a good life.

Now i know it’s fun to do this sometimes. Maybe I’ll do it later again.

And here is the 6th task of Pink Whale Challenge.

Task number 6: Make a friend laugh. Don’t give up until you succeed.

I don’t know if the laugh of my friend that i’ve called yesterday is count, but… I think i’m succeed. LOL

And that’s it for today.
I’ll update the last task tomorrow. 🙂

Don’t forget, if you want to join, have some fun and of course to spread happiness, then you can join on 😀


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