I’m not planning on writing any story tonight. I just can’t sleep. But story will be good anyway. But first, where should I start?

Well… it’s happen not so long ago when I just driving random around my old apartment building. (Now i live with two of my house-mate, remember?). I remember I used to play on a so-called skate park near that apartment. I was parked on the parking lot next to that skate park when I saw someone that look just like me. I was aware of the coincidence because you know, my face is pretty common. (Idk why I use that word, but it pretty much literally common).

He is looking on my car. (since I use dark film on my window glass), I know he can’t see me. But then he is walking towards me. Getting closer to the car.

I’m starting my car engine. You know, just in case something happen. LOL

I know I am afraid, because shiver come down on all over my body. He is walking faster, almost running towards me. I put the gear on position. I’m ready to hitting my gas when he suddenly stopped just an inch before my car. Knocked on my window.

I’m trying my best to look calm when I open my window. And he suddenly laughing.

His laugh make me feel more uncomfortable. So I said sorry to him and close the window. I hit the gas and moving my car away from that park. 

I really fvcked up back then. 

Idk if it’s because I meet my doppelganger or because I still can hear his laughing whenever I tried to close my eyes. 


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