4th Congress of Indonesian DIASPORA

Howdy people.

I’m not sure but we’re at the end of Ramadhan. So.. ya, it means, bentar lagi lebaran! LOL
and it’s not just that. Right now, i want to write about an event called Diaspora.

Idk if you guys know about a convention called DIASPORA but since ex US President, Mr. Barack Obama will be giving a key note speech at the opening of that convention, this event is really booming right now.

Diaspora itself comes from the ancient Greek “διαρορ?” Which means spreading or sowing. Initially the term Diaspora was used by the Greeks to refer to the citizens of a royal city who migrated to the colonies with the intent of colonization to assimilate the territory into the kingdom.

In the context of human movement, the Diaspora refers to people living in other countries because of various factors, such as war or seeking a better life. In the development of globalization, the Diaspora becomes a new economic power for a nation. If they used to be called nomads, then the term began to shift with the term Diaspora.

For the first time since 2012, the Congress of Indonesian Diaspora is available for the public.

The Convention of Indonesian Diaspora, held on the 1st of July, is a celebration of all things related to the Indonesian Diaspora Community. From 15 parallel and plenary sessions filled with incredible Diaspora Panelists like Maudy Ayunda, Minister Sri Mulyani, Mayor Ridwan Kamil, Real Estate Mogul Iwan Sunito, Actress Tania Gunadi, Fighter for the Rights of Migrant Workers Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, and so much more who talk about issues that matter.

To a job and education fair and finally a Diaspora Concert filled with talented Indonesian Diaspora musicians such as Anggun, Joey Alexander, and Agnes Monica.

Unfortunately, the ticket to this event is already sold out. Even the sales should be end on July 1st, 2017.

For those who already has the ticket, i’ll be seeing you on the spot. 😀

And for those who miss this event, let’s pray that Diaspora Indonesia will be open for public again next year. 🙂

See ya!


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