My Review: Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

I’m a bit excited for this movie, so i spend time last night to watch it. alone. (yes, you’re right).
(ps. don’t judge me).


First of all, I want to say, Tom Holland’s acting is a bit deficient if i may compare him to two previous Spider-Man.
But, his “jump” is more exciting, so it gave him a plus.
Tom Holland is the youngest actor (at 19) to be cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. His predecessors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, were 25 and 26, respectively, when they were cast.

As for the story, i still prefer “the Amazing Spider-Man” more than this one. idk why.
And the appearance of capt. America, Happy, Pepper and Stark wasn’t changed anything. LOL
there is still this feeling of something is missing.

What else makes me feel excited about this “Spider-Man” are first, this the first Spider-Man film where Spider-Man has his iconic web wings from the comics (yes, FINALLY). And, second, of course the eye of the Spider-Man suit. It kinda reminds me of Deadpool at first, but it’s okay.

Prior to the Spider-Man deal, certain characters such as Georges Batroc, Christine Everhart, Ben Urich, Wilson Fisk, Mister Hyde, and Frank Castle have already shown up in the MCU prior to the webslinger’s arrival. In Ant-Man (2015), when Luis is recanting Falcon’s search for Ant-Man, a woman had mentioned “we got a guy who jumps, a guy who swings, and a guy who climb up the walls”, which is the first MCU reference to Spider-Man.

Easter Eggs:

  • Aunt May’s car number plate is AMF-1562. AMF is Amazing Fantasy, 15 is the issue number, and 62 is 1962, the year Spider-Man first appeared.
  • When Spider-Man is observing the robbery of the Bank ATM. On the building wall behind him the word “Bagley” is spray painted in large letters. This is in reference to long time Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man comic book artist Mark Bagley.
  • When driving his date to the Homecoming dance, Flash Thompson mentions that he (paraphrasing) “knows fresh branzino, and that was not fresh.” When Gwen Stacy invites Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker to meet her family in “The Amazing Spiderman,” her family prepares branzino for dinner.

As you maybe already recognize that the main villain of every first Spider-Man movie of different franchises (Tobey’s, Andrew’s and Tom’s) have the costume/suit green or the skin of green color (Green Goblin, Lizard, Vulture). The three of them are cool in a different way, and captured emotion in different fantasy.

For this movie only, I am glad that Peter’s girl is not Liz. And MJ is revealed near the end.
I think Zendaya is cool and pretty in a weird way. LOL. There’s a rumor after they’re finish the shoot process that, Zendaya and Tom are in love. LOL

I think this movie is light and i like it.. Compare to Wonder Woman (which is DC), that is a bit heavy.

Oh and in the mid credits scene, which shows Adrian Toomes talking to Mac Gargan in prison, a scorpion can be seen tatooed on Gargan’s neck, hinting at his future as Scorpion. Furthermore, a prison guard mentions that Toomes’ family is there to visit just after Toomes refuses to give up Spider-Man’s identity. Previous portrayals of Scorpion have often targeted family members of individuals with information on Spider-Man, most notably J. Jonah Jameson. Mentioning Toomes’ family in earshot of Gargan may be alluding to a future hostage situation.

Happy says he’s been carrying around Tony’s engagement ring since 2008. That’s when the first Iron Man movie came out and it’s also the beginning of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and also despite prominent billing, Gwyneth Paltrow only appears in one scene. It’s her first appearance in MCU since Iron Man 3 (2013) after which her contract expired.

I mentioned about Deadpool before.
This is why…


Spider-Man: Homecoming is released this month and the sequel to Deadpool would do just the same in 2018, so in the meantime, the irreverent character tries to play a joke on Spider-Man.

This piece is artwork is created by graphic artist BossLogic, who a few days ago was also commissioned to make a sketch of Michael Shannon in the role of Cable for Deadpool 2.

Can’t wait to see Deadpool too. LOL




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