Infinite Date

It really not important I think. But, how fun is it to know that there is August 8th…? It should be written as 8/8 and it’s funny. 

This morning Christ said something like, “it’s your day K…” and I’m just like, “what dude?” Not knowing that he means about the date. I’m pretty sure I remember the day but not exactly the date. Because I don’t really need that. But I do need the day for a reason. LOL

8/8 or August 8 is a date for fun. Some said it a good date for doing a special occasion. For me, I think dinner with friends is important, so I did that. And that’s all. 

Now I’m going to sleep.  

Really.. like I’m not in the mood to write anything anyway. LOL. How stupid is that? 

But doing something for a reason is cool and I like it this way. I think I can just edit this post tomorrow morning just in case i’m talking too much crap at this post. 

And yes, up until now I’m still sober. Idk later.

No.. you don’t have a right to judge me. Because somehow you and I are all the same.

LOL. Cheers!


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