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How to be a Happy Person with Bipolar Disoder

It’s been forever since the last time I post something in here.
Maybe some of you (my fellow readers) thought that I’m already dead. LOL
But no. I’m perfectly fine, and now in a very good mood.
It’s just that I’m busy with my work and had no time at all for doing anything else.

Recently, i read some articles that mentioned Bipolar disorder as a reason why people making a fuss in a public place.
or… another like a reason to kill, and etc.

Other people is mentioned to have bipolar disorder and that’s why, after a recent incident, they went missing.

Yes, mood swing is dangerous if it can’t be controlled.
Yes, depression is either the cause and / or can be the result.
Yes, person with bipolar having a hard time to make people around us understand with what we feel at the time.

And that’s the reason we need extra care and people who are extra patient to handle us. To be with us all the time.
Because if you leave us alone with our mind, it’ll be very scary..

When I’m in a normal mode, i always get scared with my own mind.
Scared because I do not know when it will turn against me.
Or.. worse, i’ll become a crazy person and not just a person with bipolar.

Life can be worse when you can’t even control your mind.

But, although it happens a lot, i always had friends that i can count on.
I’m not afraid anymore.

For anyone who might have or already have bipolar disorder, seek help!
Surround yourself with people who willing to understand and wants to help.
Be happy all the time.
Learn about yourself.
The better you know about yourself, the easier you’ll find what makes you comfortable.
Make sure you know what’s your mind’s craving.
Because everyone are different. We’re having a different way to fight bipolar disorder.
Speak out more. Talk about what’s in your mind.
Don’t let depression makes you suffer.

Love your self and let other loves you.



So… Fvck my life?

For some maybe realize that the first time I’m using this blog, i was write my post in Indonesian language.
At first there is a language barrier between me and people around me.
I thought if I use it on daily basis i will be better.
Sure i made improvement.
I’m getting better and better, till on a point that i don’t care anymore.

I’m back to my usual self (because Indonesian language is not my first language at all).
I don’t care what people say about me (because where am i right now is a problem for them).
And I just do whatever i want.

I still had American flag on my room.
Still doing Kyudo as my regular exercise.
Eating rice and bread.

I don’t have nationality.
I don’t seek for one.
I don’t where am I belong to. And that’s okay.

I don’t care at all.

And what the hell am i doing writing stuff like this?

I don’t even understand.


Hi.. It’s been a while..
I’m updating this blog just to make sure you know that i’m alive.

— And for that reason only.


Untitled #2

Would you forgive me if I disappear one day without saying good bye?