Interesting Facts

Some Fact are important, some others are hilarious…
But you know that all of them are interesting? Here is some of my favorite.. 😀
(Go check Google or Wikipedia for more info about those facts…)

  1. Brain Freeze
  2. Sugar in healing process
  3. Common Lies
  4. How to tell you’re whispering or not
  5. How to prevent Depression
  6. Playing Tetris
  7. Sasquatch and Bigfoot
  8. Natural Philosopher 
  9. Left-handed People
  10. Alcohol and Scorpion
  11. Bad Dreams
  12. Hypnagogia
  13. Dancing People
  14. Photos and Weight
  15. Pattern of your Heart Beat
  16. Listening to the Music
  17. Stress and Growth
  18. Get Over a Break Up
  19. Playing Video Games
  20. Hybristophiliac
  21. Cockroaches and Human
  22. German’s Tradition on Wedding 
  23. Memory of a Past Event
  24. Trypophobia
  25. Grawlix
  26. Lexical Gap
  27. Nickelodeon’s Slime
  28. Penguin
  29. Kissing
  30. Animal and Winter
  31. Llama 
  32. Caffeine
  33. Slug and Beer
  34. Synonym for word “Synonym
  35. Laughing
  36. Wrong tone of voice
  37. Baby can Swim
  38. Why you need Chocolate
  39. Beer and Cigarette commercials
  40. Download a video from youtube
  41. Barbie and Ken’s real name


Will updating soon….!!! :D


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