Language Issue

I once have a blog named “Ruff” (and maybe some of you have already read that), but that blog is hacked and i can’t use it anymore. A couple months after that happened, i try log in to that blog with my old password and it happens to work again. But, then i deleted that blog. I start all over again with this one.

I used to write everything in English since my “Ruff” blog is not preferred for Indonesian people.
But i do realize that i have some viewers coming from Indonesia, so i choose to write in bahasa on this blog.

Now, since i already use bahasa on my blog, some of my reader complains that i use some untranslatable words.
Well, we have that problem all over the world, haven’t we?

Language is part of a culture that a every country has. Here in Indonesia, we have more than a hundred languages!!
First, i learn Indonesia as a national language.. Later i work with Sundanese people, then i need to understand at least a little of their language so i could understand their jokes at work.
More over i learn Javanese… We can divide Javanese into 3 or more sub-javanese.. In each part of Java, they use a little different kind of Javanese language.
All of the language is interesting. Now i can barely speak in 5 languages from Indonesian culture. That’s fun.
Not only for communicating, you can understand their jokes as well. And that’s good to work with so many people with different culture.

A friend of mine (He is Indonesian) told me, why when we go overseas, we have to understand their native language, but it happens the other way here in Indonesia. When tourist come to Indonesia, we use to talk with them in at least English as an International Language…. Just why?
Why Indonesian people not trying to talk with them in bahasa? LOL
They’re the comers, not us…

Well, we can respect somebody’s culture by get use to know their language first…
That’s not that hard. We can ask them to teach us. 😀


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