My Review: PAN (2015)

I just spend my Saturday night watching PAN with… myself.

Peter Pan is always my childhood hero, and i wonder why people want to ruin the story with revealing the story ‘before’ Pan became a great Peter Pan in Neverland.

First of all, I wanna say that Hugh Jackman did a great job in this movie. I never thought that Blackbeard is him, if it wasn’t because i read the poster after.
It’s kinda awkward to know that i always read the poster later after watching the movie, instead before.
But, it such a relief that Mr. Wolverine is non like Nicolas Cage.
Hugh Jackman is as cool as Johnny Depp. Everyone knows that Capt. Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp but he was also Edward Scissors Hand, Mad Hatter, Wolf in “Into the Woods”, Tonto in “The Lone Ranger”, Frank Toupelo in “The Tourist”, Willy Wonka, Victor Van Dort in “Corpse Bride” and so many more. He makes the character lives. And people remember the character, and also the actor who played it. Not the other way round.
Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, but he is more than that. Now he also the scary Blackbeard, Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables”, Charlie Kenton in “Real Steel”, Van Helsing, Stanley Jobson in “Swordfish”, etc.
It’s important for an actor to be known, but it’s more important for them to bring the character they played alive.

*) Have you heard that Hugh Jackman wants Tom Hardy to be the next wolverine? Well that’s a big deal. Because we knew that Wolverine is Hugh Jackman, and there will be no body else who can fit that character flawlessly. Idk about Tom Hardy but, he better be good or there’ll be no next wolverine. He supposed to be immortal. So, Tom Hardy, please don’t kill wolverine, yes?

Rooney mara as a Tiger Lily, she is flawless. Pretty and i like her.
She is ok.

Levi Miller is great. As an actor who play Peter Pan, i like him. To find the right actor to play Peter, the filmmakers looked at thousands of kids in the UK, the United States, Canada, and Australia before finding Levi Miller.
He is great. Wonder how will the next movie he play.

This is Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried’s second movie together. They previously starred in the musical drama Les Misérables (2012) as father and daughter, while in this film they are on opposite sides.
As we know that Hugh Jackman (Blackbeard) worked on the Marvel Comics X-Men films, and Levi Miller and Cara Delevingne worked on the DC Comics productions Supergirl (2015) and Suicide Squad (2016).

In one scene, Peter Pan told Blackbeard he doesn’t believe in bed time story, and neither do i. LOL
I like a story not because it was a good bed time story, but because i do have sort of imagination.
real thing.

Bad thing is that Tinker Bell is not a live character in this movie.
I’m afraid i expect to much about it. LOL
Don’t mind it.
I don’t believe in fairy either.

Peter Pan or Peter Panda, guess it’s not bad.. it’s just not really good.
Hope there will be second movie, telling the story after they all live together in Neverland.
And about the Hook and Peter Pan having a little war like the real story anyway.
You know it, right?

“Think a happy thought…”


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