Back to Stranger

​Do you ever wish that you could just unmeet someone?

I really need that super-power right now. 

Thinking that i can escape from whatever voodoo thing you do to me. I just want to say, if you didn’t want me, then let me go. Why are you so selfish and captured my mind from time to time. It’s torturing me from life to death. 

Some people are only meant to be in our heart. Not real. You and I will never be together, I understood. But you never explained why. 

Your face are everywhere and your smile is always on my mind. 

But this only work one way, right? It didn’t happen to you. Only me? So I can’t escape you even though I run to the end of the world.. 

And you just stood there with your smile and nothing else to say when you see me. Only a word that i always miss. 


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